About Valerie

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Born and raised in Canada, Valerie’s upbringing was flavoured with an old world charm that allowed her artistic side to blossom in childhood.


Her keen academic mind and talent for art and photography allowed her to graduate from high school at seventeen. 

These gifts then led her to be one of the highly talented young student applicants accepted into the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program at York University in Toronto.


Inspired by the works of Georgia O'Keeffe, Edward Weston, Henry Moore and Jackson Pollock, Valerie strives to have her artwork visually convey primal emotions and evoke an emotional connection to her pieces.  Her works often depict the tension between such opposites as psychological or physical strengths and weaknesses.  And, the dichotomous battles between contrasting human emotions and behavior.


Valerie’s style is primarily abstract, and her medium of preference is acrylic paint.  Her creative process varies from using layers colour and texture as a vehicle for self-expression, to taking an idea or artistic impulse and allowing it to organically evolve on canvas.


Valerie hopes that you enjoy the visual experience she creates.


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